Cachaša Vargem Grande is a quality Brazilian beverage, manufactured in a skillful way in ArašuaÝ City  -Jequitinhonha Valley- traditional region in the production of cachaša from the state of Minas Gerais.

The sugar cane, from which it is originated, comes from excellent source. It is cultivated with no use of chemical products, no burning of the ground when harvested, and it is sown in appropriated soil resulting in a final product with definite regional characteristics.

The fermentation is accomplished through the yeast achieved in the same environment, in a natural manner, with no use of artificial substances and its distillation is done in a retort made of copper,  the same way the best distilled products are obtained in the whole world.

After this process, which is realized very slowly, the product is taken to a warehouse where it is stored in oak-tree barrels for at least 12 months, time to allow the development of specific bouquet appreciated by demanding consumers.

The search for high quality is also present in the bottling process with systematic filtering of the escaped liquid for subsequent analysis.